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  • Mariastraat 38
    8000 Site Oud Sint Jan
  • 022698957


Make the silence being heard
We offer the possibilty to contemporary artists to show their work to the world and to the visitors of Bruges who seek an authentic esthetic experience. Our western world is chararcterized by an ever faster pace of change. This forces people to develop their own personality and self consciencenous or otherwise drown in the Malstrom of consumption, money and power. Modern society has lost silence and genuine experience. Our artists make the silence heard and the noise damped. Art is about experiencing the overwhelming beauty of our world of things , thoughts and to communicate in a direct way on the essence of our human existence. TRAEGHE is situated on the historical premises of Oud Sint Jan Hospital in Bruges Belgium ( Unesco world heritage) .

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  • Beelden
  • Beeldend, audio
  • Fotografie
  • Landschappen
  • Portretten
  • Ruimtelijk werk
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